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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  August 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. >> good evening. we begin with a deadly lightning strike in sarasota. it happened about 90 minutes
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shelter in a gazebo when the lightning hit. steve joins us live in the forecast center. this can happen in the summer storms that crop up almost every day. >> lightning is a danger we take for granted every day. i don't know the exact circumstances that happened here, but the line of thunderstorms did pass off shore in a pretty solid line from sarasota to pinellas county. as best we can tell according to reports we is likely when the strike would have occurred which is just north of the downtown area. and that lightning strike would actually have occurred after the main line of thunderstorms had moved off shore. this one almost occurred farther east of where the thunderstorm line was. so the lightning danger remains really anytime you're hearing thunder and especially near thunderstorms that have recently occurred. right now you can see there's a few lightning strikes on the map despite the fact that a lot
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over the same area. lightning is definitely a huge danger and we still see thunderstorms and lightning strikes around the bay area. until you're not hearing thunder any longer, you're definitely under the threat of a lightning strike and we'll continue to hear about that story. in the tropics, we're continuing to watch 99l. you can see a 60% chance of over days of possible development. we still have gaston in the atlantic the convection on the eastern side of this -- the hurricane hunter aircraft tried to find that today to potentially upgrade it to a tropical depression but could not. drier air. a difficult environment for this system, but only a 28 mile- per-hour wind gust did they detect today. as we look at the spaghetti
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and in fact as the system continues to move to the west and not develop, that's better news because the longer it takes to develop is better for florida and everybody. lower wind sheer rates as well as sea surface temperatures. wind sheer will be higher the next couple of temperatures around 80 degrees at and around this year. we'll continue to watch it here this weekend and your local thunderstorms as well. don't forget you folks at home can keep track of storms every afternoon as way roll through with the weather max app. it is free to download in the app store. why did a bus driver leave an 8 year old girl confused and crying more than 20 miles from where she belonged?
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side to figure out how this could have happened. >> reporter: the 8 year old is back with her family now, but she isn't riding the school bus anymore. after a substitute bus driver put her off at a bus stop more than 20 miles away from her home. >> so for almost an hour, nobody knew where my daughter was. >> reporter: carie's step father was at the bus stop waiting for the 8 year old and waiting and waiting. he called cari granddaughter didn't show up. she called the school. >> they patched into the driver and my driver said my daughter had not gotten on the bus. >> reporter: but the 8 year old had been on the bus with just three other children and left here. fortunately another woman saw the girl and noticed something was wrong. the woman let the little girl call her mother. the pinellas county school
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has been remove friday that job and is no longer working with children. news channel 8. surveillance cameras were rolling as two burglars broke into a mom and pop diner. they were in and out well before highland county deputies could stop them. >> reporter: it didn't matter that a surveillance camera was right in front of the door. just before 4:00 thursday morning, these two through the glass and walk into this restaurant in avon park. store owner john is saddened to see these thugs steal from him and his hard barking family. just watch as they pull, tug and kick to get these cash drawers out. they wandered through the store trying to take every cash drawer they could find. >> one of them turns the lights
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minutes, they successfully steal three cash drawers and run out into the darkness. >> first you feel violated and sort of hurt. who wouldn't feel that way? >> reporter: if you have any information on this crime, contact the highland's county sheriff's office. the investigation into the deadly shooting of a 73 year old during a training exercise has revealed something shocking. police were storing ammunition and blanks in the same place. the chief says the bullets were comingled in the armory and now that will change. mary was killed august 9th during training. the officer who shot her thought his gun was loaded with blanks. federal officials say it's time to start testing donated blood for the zika virus. the food and drug administration is ordering all
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zika. also today we learned that zika has been spread through sex by a man who was showing no zika symptoms. as the zika virus creeps closer to our backyards, the city of tampa has declared war. it's specifically targeting areas where mosquitoes thrive. checking out complaints and concerns from citizens hoping to prevent the spread of the virus. any location where water is allowed to stand for extended periods of time is cause concern. >> we created a daily log of locations of standing water, stagnant water. they could be pool sites, city ditches, tires. >> if you see a property that has issues, you're urged to give the city a call and you can remain anonymous. you can expect traffic problems in tampa's channel side district that could last until next summer.
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morgan street. and then after labor day, one lane of channel side drive will shut down and remain closed through next summer. we spotted road crews moving traffic cones into place. they will install new water, sewer and storm water pipes and eventually provide better sidewalks and lighting in the area. the first preseason kickoff of the year at raymond james stadium is an hour away. we have a ie up against the browns. >> reporter: a lot of anticipation here at raymond james stadium tonight. not just because of the fancy new boards and graphics around the stadium, but this is the third preseason game. the most parent one because the starters play the majority of the game, particularly on defense. what can this side of the ball do through an entire half?
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thoughts. >> we're the ones who have to set the tempo. we have to come out there and hit the ground running. and if bad things happen, be able to rebound and move on from it. we gotta try to stay consistent as much as we can. >> reporter: we can expect the starters to go a little into the third quarter. dan lucas, news channel 8 sports. still used home sharing services and not all had a good experience.
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the home sharing industry is a multimillion dollar
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also one rife be allegations of racism. a company with bay area ties is hoping to change that. >> reporter: at this home in wesley chapel, a global start up company is working to change the experiences people have with vacation rentals. >> i don't think there was an actual one moment. >> reporter: zakiyah is one of the founders of inclusive. >> i'm a world traveler and so i have a lot of the same and i was constantly hearing complaints about what they were going through in other home sharing sites. >> reporter: namely airbnb. >> what you found is because people were looking at profile pictures and taking actions because of them or looking at names and making a assumptions. >> reporter: they're putting in
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>> moving the biographical data further in the process, so after you've booked. >> reporter: rod carter, news channel 8. tired of truckers barreling past you on the highway? the proposed new rule that could slow them down for good. plus who says robots need to be hard? find out how this soft pot works without -- donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability.
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janet yellen 68ed interest rates could be on the way. the nasdaq gained 6. disappointed with your raise american airlines pilots received a 23% pay hike last year. united pilots, 16%. and the guys on the ground, they made out pretty well. raises ranging from 15 to 55%. those same employees endured pay cuts during several difficult years. a proposed new rule would force buses, trucks and other large vehicles to go the speed limit.
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on big rigs that would cap speeds at 60, 65, or 68 miles per hour. regulators believe slower speeds would reduce crashes involving heavy trucks. it must undergo a public comment period before being finalized. apple hopes to patent a method for capturing biometric information from users. it would capture a thieve's fingerprints and even take a selfie or video and upload it to a server police could access. the future will likely be filled with robots, but who would have thought they'd be squishy? researchers at harvard has created the octo bot.
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despite having no circuit boards, it's smart enough to move its limbs in sequence. their next version should be able to swim. if you've been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. better call behnken. >> investigator shannon behnken is still trying to help a largo woman who's seen two cars plow through her fence over the past 6 months. the county wants more proof that she needs a guard rail. >> reporter: amber davis is afraid to be in her own backyard. >> we don't spend any time out here at all. we can't. >> reporter: who wouldn't be. she's in constant fear. >> i hear it all the time. just in normal driving, just people thinking that it's not as sharp as it is until they actually make it up there. >> reporter: late last month,
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a car thief fleeing police whipped around this curve and slammed through the fence. this is the second car to take out davis' fence in 6 months. >> had this fence not been there, they would have probably continued right through the house. >> reporter: davis wants a guard rail, but county officials say this 15 mile-per- hour speed limit sign is enough. we saw cars blowing right past it. so i came back with my better call radar gun. 23, 24, 25. 31. not crazy speeds. especially after they saw me and put on the brakes. but nearly every car was speeding. many, more than double the speed limit. i called the county and was told more testing is needed. there has been two cars that plowed through her fence in 6 months. it makes you wonder what other
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you assure me your staff is going to look at this again. as for davis, her backyard will remain off limits for her family. >> sometimes nothing happens until there's a tragedy and it's not going to my kids or my pets. >> reporter: the county did agree to go backs into the neighborhood and look at other speed bumps. temps cooled down here. our new camera here at veterans fort. welcome to our veteran family. you've seen it driving by on the veterans expressway. east winds. land o lakes, 84 degrees. temperatures have been cooled down by the showers and storms. you can see it in new port richey.
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mexico, rain shaft here. 4 tenths of an inch of rain. and of course the game starting before too long. cleveland to play the bucs at ray j. 83 degrees. that was the current temperature as of 7:00. thunderstorms continue to move from east to west across the area. the west coast sea breeze trying to push farther inland. that's why we saw the convergence of lightning well. certainly help to drop the temperature. some rain remains around north port. temperatures will be cooler. 92 degrees at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. 84 degrees the current temperature. 83 sun city center. 87 in brooksville. 82 in barto and 78 in venice. that's a look at the big picture here. central and southern areas, the most precipitation.
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still an area of investigation. an invest tropical wave. it will move to the west according to the majority of computer models. we'll continue to watch it throughout the weekend. just stay tuned, go about your business. might pick up a few extra clouds and the rain chances might be better sunday. e special as we get into and tuesday. late next week, things should normalize. back to 40% chance of showers and storm. we'll have to continue to watch it. >> i can't recall the last time we've had to talk about something that wasn't actually something. >> strange. but that's how the tropics work. tropics are a mystery and difficult to forecast.
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help get the kids back to school. here's what you'll see monday. >> college self defense is hitting a whole new level. why students are learning with active shooters. >> get schooled.
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it's always good to check your invitations before you mail them out. for example, take a look at this rsvp request. notice anything unusual? perhaps something questionable about your choice of entree. beef, chicken or child 12 and under. >> woops. running on to the field in
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just baaaad behavior. see what i did there? a sheep decided to go for his own 7th inning stretch last night. the sheep had been invited to the ballpark as part of a whiplash the cowboy monkey show. what? the cowboy monkey was nowhere to be found so the grounds crew was called in. >> it's a perfectly normal explanation. he was there for the whiplash the monkey show. he was part of the show on to the baseball field? >> how many men versus how many monkeys does it take to -- >> a sheep. >> you asked for goat news and that was pretty close. >> that's pretty close. any kind of goat, sheep story is welcome. >> this is the news at the end of the show that makes people realize all is good with the world. >> the sheep is okay tonight and resting comfortably. >> and the monkey, escaped.
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new video, larry king's wife hammered with questions about her rumor add fair. >> the couples say in their first interview about the cheating scandal now on "extra" ? >> >> how are you do being the rumors about the fair. >> rumors are what they are. >> what they don't say and why the troubled couple is cuddling in bed. >> brittany spears sparing off men. >> you don't want to be with anyone ever. her all new confessions about dating marriage and wanting more babies. and what's her sexy surprise at
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>> striesand ripping trump. running opening up about donald. >> what would be the first comment or question you would ask him. >> kylie jecnner, then and now, did she get a boost. >> plus an extra sneak peak at this weekend's >> i'm rob lowe. >> and i'm david spade. >> and your both about to get -- >> now on extra eent from the entertainment capitol of l.a. >> coming up j-lo new details on j. lo's breakup.
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but first. larry king sf-- >> this is the first rumors since cheating rumors exploded. had l.a. dodging questions about her alleged infidelity. >> how are you doing with the rumors of at fair. >> are they true. >> what are you talking about. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> the whole world knowing what she'sal headlines claim she's been cheating with this emotional speaker. today they face it head on sitting with their first interview. >> how do you deal with the recent rumors swirling about your relationship. >> larry kissing sean, cuddling together in bed. not exactly declining claims of her one year long twist with


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